Building Your Financial Roadmap

Following an initial consultation which we offer at no charge, we encourage clients to develop a financial plan. We believe that the financial plan is simply a roadmap. We walk through each of your financial objectives such as establishing an emergency fund, buying a home, saving for college or saving for retirement. For each objective we determine where you stand, where you are going and the intermediate steps to necessary to achieve each of those objectives.

These objectives, which can be years or even decades away, can seem daunting when viewed through the telescope of time. However, we work with our clients to show them step by step how a methodical plan that includes affordable levels of savings and a disciplined investment strategy will help them to achieve their objectives.

In addition to quantifying specific financial objectives with objective intermediate goals, we work with our clients to make sure that they have appropriate home, health and life insurance. While professionals at Fenway Financial Advisors are qualified to consult with you on your insurance needs, we do not sell insurance. We only advise you on the proper terms, type and amount of insurance you need, so you can rest assured that we are only motivated to give you sound advice, not make a commission on selling insurance products.

We recognize that times, people and circumstances change. We regularly review and update your plan as needed throughout the term of our relationship as needed. In the words of President Dwight Eisenhower, planning is everything, the plan is nothing. We believe in the process.  Your success is measured against objective achievements.