Insurance and Annuity Review

Once you’ve built a strong financial foundation, it’s imperative to protect it with the appropriate types and levels of insurance. However, many financial advisors hold insurance licenses and have substantial incentives to sell high-commission policies. Fenway Financial Advisors believes that our role is as a consultant to our clients in counseling them on the correct types and amounts of insurance that they should hold, independent of these financial incentives. An insurance and annuity review can be conducted as part of an overall financial plan or as an independent offering. We will review your policies, coverage and options for property, disability, long-term care and life insurance as well as annuities you may own and incorporate those into an overall strategy suitable for your needs. Because we are compensated strictly for the services we provide, not products we sell, you will never meet a salesperson at Fenway Financial Advisors. We are solely independent consultants that hold a fiduciary obligation to provide objective advice on how to protect your finances.