Fenway Financial Advisors aims to STRIKE the right balance for every client via: 


The modern financial industry has made the world of personal finance unnecessarily complex. FFA recognizes that while no two investors are alike, our experience allows us to simply and easily focus our expertise on your objectives with uncomplicated information and advice. Our clients know where they are, where they are going and how they are going to get there.



In our world, everything is on the table. Each of our recommendations has a purpose in helping you achieve a specific goal. Our clients know what they own and why they own it. We are compensated strictly on a reasonable and clearly defined fixed or hourly fee for our services.



As a state registered investment advisor, we have a legal fiduciary obligation to always do what is in your best interest. There are no gray areas and no exceptions.



There is no substitute for education. Our team carries advanced degrees from some of the top universities in the country and each has earned the mark of excellence in the industry, certification as a CFP®.   We constantly strive to hone our skills with regular continuing education programs that help us stay abreast of changes in the industry, regulations and financial offerings.



In today’s new normal of lower expected investment returns and low interest rates, efficient investing is vital to achieving your objectives. FFA keeps a keen eye on investment costs to help keep you on track. Likewise, our own fees are designed to fairly compensate us for our services without preventing you from achieving your objectives.