Fenway Financial Advisors is a fixed-fee advisor providing efficient advice for the “19%”


What is efficient advice?

Personalized financial planning based on clearly defined assumptions and goals, combined with investment management to achieve our clients’ objectives.  All services are provided with a relentless focus on helping our clients realize their goals via the advantages of low costs and risk management.

Who are the “19%”?

The 19% are those who are “playing by the rules,” saving diligently for the day when their working careers have ended and they need to make their savings last for 30+ years. They fall between the “1%” of wealthiest Americans and the 80% who have little or no savings.  Our typical clients have $500,000 to $3 Million in investable assets. As their assets have grown, their financial lives have become more complex. Clients engage us to implement sound financial planning, investment policies and risk management techniques within their existing financial strategies.

Why fixed-fee?

Most advisors have traditionally charged fees based on a percentage of clients' assets. While we believe in a fair fee for the work we do on behalf of our clients, we do not believe that we or any advisor is entitled to a share of your wealth. This is why we charge like other professionals such as CPAs or attorneys.  In almost all cases this leaves more of your money working for you and your goals.